Joseph Federico

NJ MET, Clifton NJ

Professional History

Joseph Federico’s contributions  in the electronic community began at NJ MET, Clifton, NJ. While pursuing his BS degree in  Electrical Engineering Technology, Joseph Federico worked as NJ MET’s Test Engineering Manager. Joseph Federico’s work in this capacity, specifically his research into starting NJ MET’s High Reliability Department, caught the eye of several industrial companies.

Not long after, NJ MET was working with the likes of The Boeing Company, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Honeywell International Inc., and Raytheon.  Joseph Federico eventually became the Vice President and Director of Operations.  Noticing an alarming rise in the counterfeiting of electronic components, Joseph Federico took action and made several visits to the source of the pirating, the Asian-Pacific region.

After extensive investigation, Joseph Federico created the world’s first electronic counterfeit component detection program in 2003. Cementing NJ MET’s position as an industry leader, the world’s largest online electronic component trading center, adopted Joseph Federico’s new program. Since then, Joseph Federico has been invited by electronic organizations the world over to lecture and share his knowledge on the subject of pirated electronics and how to spot them.


In October of 2011, Joseph announced the expansion of Stress Testing Services. This testing is used to determine whether a structure can safely withstand specified forces.

Joseph Federico published an article on Solderability and Tinning in EE Times Europe.   Click here to read the full article.


NJ MET won Corporate Vision Magazine's Mid-Market Achievement Award in December 2016.   In announcing the award, Coporate Vision Magazine said about NJ MET: "They are at the higher value end of the Middle Market sector, having been able to maintain their DLA AS9100 and ISO90001 certifications. NJ MET sees the key advantage of being a Middle Market company as being the personal attention that they are able to give to their clients and they feel that this really sets them apart from other businesses in their sector." Read more at:


In addition to his professional accomplishments, Joseph is a dedicated community activist. He is involved in fundraising efforts for a variety of charitable organizations, including the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Oasis, a haven for women and children in Paterson NJ.

Wayne NJ resident Joseph Federico is active in his community. For more information, see 

Joseph Federico


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